Gears making a noise? It’s got to be just perfect before you set out on 100 or 50miles, so we’ve got a team of magic mechanics on site to give your bike the final once over to ensure a smooth and noise-free riding. Once the Sportive is underway, they’ll be on the road too, close at hand to fix up any roadside breakdowns. Each morning you can choose from a variety of nutritious breakfasts provided by our fabulous food stalls,

As fellow bikers, we know how important it is to get everything right before you clip in your cleats. We’ve got everything you need to ensure you and your bike are in perfect shape before, during and after each ride.

Along the way, each Sportive is fully supported with feed stations with fruit, energy bars, gels and drinks to help you ride better for longer.

ride fully fuelled and have lined up a host of high quality food stands to enable you to choose the right meals to match your needs.