Starting with the basics, there's the stunning setting of Holkham Hall and the park. People travel for miles to spend the day here, uncovering history, playing on the farm, walking through

the woods & meadows.

On its doorstep is one

of Britain's top-rated beaches, conveniently just past a popular

local pub.

But there's no need

to wander far for fun. Pedal Norfolk hosts live entertainment for all ages, a fantastic array

of food and drink options, a funfair, shows and thrills and spills, and of course that exquisite, vicarious delight of watching your loved ones suffering for their passion as they try to

keep up with the rider

in front.

Sit back and sip a Sauvignon in the beer tent that straddles the circuit and cheer her or him through the beer tent. Even better, go along with them to watch the top level semi-pro races

and ask them your own conundrum back:


'How come you do so many 'training rides'

but can't ride as fast

as this lot?'

It's the eternal conundrum that comes straight after '10 or 11 on the cassette?' and before '23 or 25mm tyres?':



...return home



Hate bikes,

What's in it for me?

fancy a drink?

Julie Taylor - '3rd for us. Definitely the best so far.

See you next year.'


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